S W E E T   E S C A P E S 
in  C U R A Ç A O  &  A R U B A

Take advantage of the Indar Weir Travel Centre's  below Sweet Escape to Curaçao and Aruba for a quick getaway May 25th - June 01st, 2020. This ultra Sweet Escape includes:

  • Roundtrip Flight from Barbados

  • Roundtrip Airport Transfer in Curaçao

  • Roundtrip Airport Transfer in Aruba

  • 4 Night Accommodation in Curaçao with Breakfast

  • 3 Night Accommodation in Aruba with Breakfast

  • Taxes

Book your Sweet Escape in Curaçoa and Aruba from as low as BB$425 per person monthly.


Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curaçao

A luxury Curaçao resort, with beautiful views, comfortable accommodations and golf & spa services to meet all your needs in paradise. The Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort in Nieuwpoort, Curaçao is situated on a beautiful peninsula next to the Caribbean Sea and Spanish Water Bay. It is approximately 20 mins drive from the Willemstad city centre.


Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino Aruba

Located in the sunny capital of Oranjestad, the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino offers an exclusive gateway to the only private beaches in Aruba., including the famous Flamingo Beach where you can get up close interaction and views of the stunning and graceful flamingos.

All rates are quoted in Barbados Dollars, per person based on Double Occupancy. Rates are inventory controlled and are subject to change and to availability at the time of booking.

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