"At The Indar Weir Travel Centre we're 'Making it Easier to Travel!'"

The Indar Weir Travel Centre is a boutique travel agency operating in the island paradise Barbados. Established in 1997 it has evolved into a market leading and trend setting agency. The Indar Weir Travel Centre has distinguished itself through visionary leadership and has been able to navigate the choppy waters of change. As a result, it has become renowned for its well planned and innovative travel concepts. Empowerment and continued excellence are the hallmark of the organization.


Since its opening on October 01st, 1997, The Indar Weir Travel Centre has been providing travel services of the highest standards to leisure and corporate travelers.
Our expertise includes:

  • Vacation and Itinerary Planning
  • Travel Management Services including Budget Planning
  • Destination Engagements & Weddings
  • Honeymoon Travel
  • Babymoon Travel
  • Travel Insurance
  • Group Travel
  • Private and Exclusive Accommodation
  • Private and Exclusive Travel
  • Tours
  • Incentive Travel
  • Corporate Travel
  • Destination Management
  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Bajan Posse Tours
  • Caribbean Vacations


The Indar Weir Travel Center has become renowned for its well-planned and innovative travel concepts. Customers have the satisfaction of purchasing a variety of travel experiences ranging from standard business to leisure packages or individually tailored trips.

Staff with a combined total of over 150 years experience in the travel industry, ensures that all clients receive the utmost professional and knowledgeable advice, value for money and a range of information to make the most favourable travel choice no matter their purpose or travel agenda.  With this experience, our team has partnered with reliable hospitality businesses, hotels, ground tour operators and travel trade organisations across the world that continue to guarantee our customers quality travel experiences to many destinations. Moreover, in 2009 The Indar Weir Travel Centre became the first and only travel agency in Barbados commanding national attention upon having earned the coveted Barbados Tourism Award: Achievement of Excellence: Tourism Services 2009.

When traveling with The Indar Weir Travel Centre you can be assured that your expectations will be realised and exceeded.  We unlock the excitement and opportunity of travel combining our expertise, technology and commitment to excellence, to best serve you!


To become the travel and tourism provider of choice in the region, through focused customer service, aggressive marketing, differentiation and innovation.


To share an innovative range of holiday concepts, through a team of well trained professionals, by consistently offering quality customer service, keeping abreast with change and utilizing cutting edge technology.


  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Generosity
  • Consideration
  • Reward
  • Recognition
  • Team Work