Why should I choose a travel agent?

Travel agencies are one-stop shops. At the Indar Weir Travel Centre we take care of ALL of your travel needs, making your travel planning experience seamless and hassle free. Our team boast over 150 years industryexperience and we’re constantly researching and planning to the final detail. Choose the Indar Weir Travel Centre for a professional, convenient, hassle free and satisfying experience.

Would my airfare be more costly if I use an agent?

No, airfares are generated by airlines. We do not participate in the airfare calculation and we simply sell what suppliers make available to us.

How will I be refunded in the event of cancellation?

Generally refunds are based on suppliers’ policies and can rnge from cash refunds to the use of vouchers with one year’s validity. Typically a portion of your payment will be a non-refundable deposit.

How soon after making a booking am I required to pay?

For major airlines, payment is required within 24 hours after booking. All other suppliers generally required 3 tranches for advance bookings and instant payment for last minute bookings.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

We accept all major credit carcds, debit cards, cheques and cash.

Do you offer credit?

Generally, we do not offer leisure clients credit, however we highly recommend the use of credit cards or we offer assitance in budget planning and tailored payment plans. However we do offer credit to major corporate institutions. Contact us to see if and how you qualify.

Do you give assistance in the visa application process?

Since 9/11 several security measures have been introduced which has restricted the involvement of third parties in the application processs. However, here’s how we can help:

  • Providing information on application fees
  • Scheduling online appointments
  • Completion of application forms

What is the minimum number of persons to be considered for a group discount?

The minimum number will vary between cruises with cruise type being the main factor under consideration. Please contact us for more information on this topic.