FAA Temporarily Grounds All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft

On March 13, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grounded all U.S.-registered Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, including the 8 and 9 variants, as a precautionary measure. This includes the 24 MAX 8 aircraft in the American Airlines fleet. American Airlines is complying with the FAA directive.

  • On average, American operates 85 flights per day on the MAX 8, out of 6,700 departures throughout the American Airlines system. Their operations centre is working to re-route aircraft throughout the system to cover as much of their schedule as they can.

  • The safety and security of their team members and customers remains the top priority. We continue to have the utmost confidence in the American Airlines fleet, which is flown by highly-trained pilots and maintained by a highly-skilled maintenance team.

  • American regularly monitors aircraft performance and safety parameters across their entire fleet, including extensive flight data collection. This data, along with their analysis, gives both us and them confidence in the safe operation of all of their aircraft, and contributes to American’s exemplary safety record. American has flown more than 2.5 million passengers — during 46,400 operating hours encompassing nearly 18,000 flights — safely on their MAX 8 fleet since the first one was delivered Sept. 2017 and began commercial service later that November.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some of our customers. Our team will work with all customers impacted by these flight cancellations in order to rebook them to their final destination. You can do so by contacting us directly at 246-537-7748, or emailing us at indarweirtravel@caribsurf.com.

  • American is working in close coordination with their union partners, the Department of Transportation, FAA, National Transportation Safety Board and other regulatory authorities, to ensure the safety of their team members and customers.

Question: Is the Boeing 737-800 aircraft dierent than the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft?

Answer: Yes. American has 304 737-800 aircraft in their fleet. The recent order by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ground MAX aircraft does not impact their 737-800 fleet.

Question: My flight was previously scheduled on a MAX 8 and it has not been cancelled. What should I do?

Answer: American has re-routed aircraft throughout their network to cover as much of the MAX 8 schedule as they can. If your flight shows on time, American will operate your flight with a different aircraft. No additional action is required.

Question: My flight is on time, and still shows as a MAX 8 on aa.com and in your mobile app. Is that wrong and will my flight cancel?

Answer: If your flight shows as on time, please disregard the equipment type listed. American continues to re-route aircraft, and your flight will operate with a different aircraft that is not a MAX 8.

Question: I was booked on a flight that was not scheduled to operate as a MAX 8 and now it is cancelled. Why am I impacted?

Answer: American has re-routed aircraft throughout their network. For example, a flight that was not scheduled as a MAX 8 flight might be cancelled to enable our team to cover a MAX 8 route with a different aircraft. These decisions are being made in order to impact the smallest number of customers. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause some of our customers.

Question: What markets are impacted?

Answer: We won’t be able to provide specific airport-by-airport cancellations as a result of the FAA order. Cancellations will vary as their team has rerouted aircraft throughout their network.

Question: When will the operation be back to normal?

Answer: Once the FAA lifts the order, American will work as quickly as they can to get all aircraft back into their fleet, but the timing is unknown at this point.